"The Clouds I Can Handle, but I Can't Fight with an Eclipse"

I just wanna write today to talk about nothing. to talk about anything. to talk about everything.
My mind is being kinda annoyed these last days. I’m pretty much sure that 90% because of the PMS, and the other 10% because of my heart issues hehehe, always.

“The Clouds I Can Handle, but I Can’t Fight with an Eclipse”

Today I’m totally feeling like Jacob Black. You see, you have that possibility to have the person you love, you know the person likes you, but then there’s that another person that even if it’s not stronger than you, it’s stronger than you on somebody’s heart. Damn it! I hate to admit that I’m the second option for any situation. Just like Jacob Black…he is so second option on Bella’s life.  It’s kinda patetic the way Bella keeps him near her just because she’s so selfish to let him go. And it’s patetic the way he stays near her, even knowing she doesn’t like him more than the other. somehow he accepts to be the step guy.

I don’t wanna be the step guy…but, I guess there are more Jacob Blacks on our world than Edwards.
hehehe, I do like to talk about nothing talking about Twilight. It’s funny.

Well, but speaking about nonsense, I just wanted to lose 10 pounds right now! Puff!! I’m feeling totally ugly and fat!!! And, OK, I know this is the PMS talking, but for God sake, this is my blog and I have the right to complain nonsense, at least here.

I guess that the only thing that would make me happier than ever this evening was to see that somebody that a like a lot thought about me. And guess what? I guess that’s not gonna happen.

I owe many hours of a nice and calm sleep to this messed mind. Maybe I should go to sleep right now.


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